Nursing Institute is a part of Christian Hospital Chandraghona and run by Bangladesh Baptict Church Sangha, the largest Baptist church organization in Bangladesh. The Institute has a long history and tradition in Chittagong Hill Tract where 13 tribes live together peacefully along with Bangalees. It is a fact that nursing services in Bangladesh are still neglected. During the second world war from 1939 to 1945, people realized the importance of nurses. The nurses sacrificed their lives for the wounded soldiers and war victims, nursing them in different places and since that time nursing services had become more popular in the sub continent. In 1947 India was divided and a new nation in the name of Pakistan was born. During the Pakistan regime the Pakistan administration for the health services mostly depended on the female nurses from East Pakistan but there were limited female nurses and most of the nurses were from the Christian community. Subsequently, a college of nursing was established in Korachi in 1956. Since that period many medical colleges were established in East and West Pakistan and to run those medical colleges, many student nurses had to be recruited. Actually since 1950 in East Pakistan the women from different castes and religions accepted nursing as a noble profession. The nursing training school started at Christian Hospital Chandraghona in 1931. The pioneer missionary lady who started this school was Miss. Timmins. There were few male nurses in the school from different part of East Bengal.
During that time female did not like to come as nurses because of fear and insecurity in the society as well as in the world. The female junior nursing course in this hospital in 1937 by Dr. J.W Bottoms and Sister F.G Cann. With a few female students. The training school was recognized by East Bengal to train the nurses for junior certificate and the course was for 3 years. It was at first on an experimental basis and Sister Caan had to work very hard to established the nursing training school and to accommodate the nurses in the hostel. She was in charge of the nursing training School for the period from 1952 to 1960 and run the nursing trainig school very efficiently. Many man and female nurses used to come from different part of Eas Pakistan and even from India. They have to sit their examination in Calcutta. In 1957 the training school got recognition for the senior course by East Pakistan Nursing Council And there were only 27 students.
In 1968 in the new hospital building, a block for the Nursing Training School was build and the number of student nurses were 38. During that period Sister Mary White was the Principal of the Nursing Training School. She left Chandraghona in the year of 1968 and new nursing sister Miss Myrtle Johnstone joined the the Nursing Training School and she was the principal from 1969 to 1975 and ran the school very efficiently and the results of the school was brilliant. Sister R. Gain joined the Nursing Training School as sister tutor in 1969 and after Sister Myrle Johnstone left for UK in 1975, she was appointed as the first national principal of The Nursing Training School. That was in 1976. Since that period, she was continuing as the principal of the Nursing Training School. In 1980, the Diploma in Nursing was recognized by BNMC and Diploma in midwifery was added to the course. She worked hard to make the diploma course perfect. As a national principal her contribution was huge. She managed to run the Institution efficiently and was retired in 2000. After retirement of Sister R. Gain Sister Aloka Chowdhury was appointed as the Principal of Institution in 2001. In 2008 BNMC brought a big change in Course curriculum; Diploma in Nursing Science and Midwifery course was introduced with a new syllabus. Annual examination of this 3 years Duration Diploma course having 6th semesters used to be held in own campus. After completion of 3 years course students had to appear licensing exam under BNMC to get their registration as Complete nurse. Despite new syllabus the students from this institution passed successfully every year. In 2015 BNMC stopped the Junior Nursing Course countrywide but they continued 18 months Junior Midwifery course only for female students which was recognized in 2012. They are also eligible for BNMC registration after passing a test. Every year 20 students get enrolled in this institute and they are completing their course and passing BNMC test successfully. During her regime Sister Aloka Chowdhury leaded the Institute efficiently. She left Institute in October 2018 for family reason. Since November 2018 I am Agnes Renuka Dhali have been in charge of Nursing institute. She joined Nursing Institute as nursing instructor.
In present, there are 2 courses running in Christian Hospital Chandraghona Nursing Institute, Diploma in Nursing Science and Midwifery and 18 Months Junior Midwifery course. The number of students is also increased and number of teachers is now 14. In 2019 there was another big change in Nursing Curriculum. BNMC stopped semester system. In 3 years duration new course curriculum students should appear annual examination under BNMC, We have permission from BMNC to enroll 30 students in Diploma course, out of which 10% is male. Total students in CHC Nursing Institute is now 101.
During the course the students of this institute take part in Community Health Program, under five clinic, vaccination program and different health programs as well. CHC Nursing Institute has presented the nation more than 1500 skilled nurses who are working countrywide and in different countries with good reputation.
I am privileged and feel proud that now I am in charge of this glorious Institute. I hope like glorious past in future glory of nursing services will enlighten every corners of our land and the world as well.